I’m still making history. I also appreciate working in an industry where a career can be documented like this.

I Was a bit of a naughty kid born In Perth, Armadale, grew up in Cairns, FNQ, and am still very much a rogue artist in my mid 30’s now.

2006 – Graduated from Trinity Bay Highschool (My 4th Highschool) by the skin of my teeth because of not paying attention, wagging, smoking and drinking with mates.

Successful Hospitality waiter and Bartender for 6 years in Cairns, QLD until I drank and partied too much with a dangerous crowd. This phase ended in self rehabilitation from Meth Amphetamine, Alcohol, and a party drug community. I did this with a patient family and replacing my addiction with WoW.

2017 – Obtained a Bachelors of Creative Industries at James Cook University, improving after a disappointing meth amphetamine relapse half way through which inspired me to research and express my discoveries of Self and Anxiety by consequence of assignments. At this point I was heavily relying on energy drinks and alcohol for social events.

2017 – Flew to Perth for an animation internship with Red Bird Creative which lasted 4 weeks. I was depressed, drank alcohol at every opportunity, and Ghosted the Owner after Christmas.

Helped Art Vs Depression with Logo Design, Content Production, and the Resilient Friends Club in Armadale. This encouraged me to create and be open.

2018 – Joined Colosoul, a youth Organization in Subiaco, Perth, where I wrote articles, and Managed the Basement Gallery and made a lot of friends.

During this time I had my first meth amphetamine relapse since arriving in Perth. This time, due to Alcohol mixed with Chance and Opportunity, I was drinking alcohol occasionally however being a social artist with a community. Occasions came frequently and my use of Alcohol became problematic

Moved to East Victoria Park where drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana became for special occasions only

Simultaneously taught 2x Terms at the Children’s School of Contemporary Art, I smoked a couple cones every Sunday after class

2019 – Joined Robert Buratti in the production of Dali Land, First Look, Ben Juniper, Alex Maciver and other events. Having a painful Meth amphetamine relapse in the lead up to First Look which was my personal project

2020 – Smashed KPI’s at Booragoon, then Perth City David Jones in suiting. Sober for 6 months until breaking up with a lady. Meth relapse again followed by a large marijuana binge leading to heavy depression and resignation

2021 – Excelled at half an Alcohol and Other Drugs Certificate at TAFE until dropping out from Loss of interest, a Marijuana relapse, and a Pig Butchering Scam

Hand Painted, Photoshop Edited, and Professionally Published “Finding Friends” Series

Wrote and illustrated a short story named “3 Brave Friends” that I never published but plan to

Moved to Marangaroo

2022 – Smashed KPI’s at R.M Williams and Depression became overwhelming to the point of researching and requesting anti-depressants from a G.P

These anti-depressants were super hero power life changing 😀 the cloud of anxiety and sensitivity disolved in the drip fed seratonin drops my brain desired.


Moved to Scarborough

2023 – Smashed KPI’s at Chanel Perth Boutique. The possibility of being A.D.H.D was ironically brought to my attention and when i began researching (hyper focussing) the symptoms. I ticked all the boxes. It was during this time that would drink on special occasions and have 1 puff of a joint on Sunday afternoons

Moved to Bayswater.

Marijuana became more accessible and my use became 1 joint after work

I Wasn’t allowed to smash KPI’s at Linneys, Subiaco however I had an excellent team and was given industry leading Diamond, Rare Gem, and Australian South Sea Pearl training

Excelled at Sales and Customer Service for the distribution of Brownies and Bud to make ends meet and self medicate. At this time I became a Full-time artist creating controversial advertising for the business and painting.

Rug pulled by my Housemate who is diagnosed schizotypal, autistic and others. This led to A homeless, impulsive, meth amphetamine relapse and 5 days living in a Trap House in Kwinana. I hold no resentment towards anyone for this part of my journey.

Moved back to Armadale with Grandparents who are struggling with cancer and retirement

2024 – Moved to Fremantle to support my new awesome housemate

Opportunistic Meth amphetamine relapse unrelated to the new housemate

Smashing out Artwork full-time, seeking Psychiatric care and listening to Adult A.D.H.D lectures.

Completed a 6x part series of A3 customized artworks for an Aussie Chemical Engineer on Offshore Oil Rigs

Developing styles with access to more materials and an appreciation of encouragement, resilience, and freedom.

Exploring the Stages of Change model and how to simplify examples of confronting change to make the process more accessible for generations.

Originally focused on addiction, it’s now widely used in psychology, health promotion, and organizational development. It highlights the cyclical nature of change and helps tailor interventions based on readiness, making it a powerful tool for fostering lasting transformations in contemporary society.

Sometimes suited up, selling rogue in the Fremantle streets, contact for an appointment or studio visit.

Everything stated and created may or may not be a parody art project

call or text for Artwork Availability.