Who deserves the exclusive Camellia?

The Camellia transcends fashion, embodying profound meaning in contemporary themes, making it a timeless symbol of resilience and beauty. Inspired by contemplating the relationship of my undiagnosed adult ADHD symptoms and my 6 months of Fashion Consulting at Chanel, Perth.

Chanel’s Camellia was a gift from her one true love.

2023 – Smashed KPI’s at Chanel Perth Boutique. The possibility of being A.D.H.D was ironically brought to my attention and when i began researching (hyper focussing) the symptoms. I ticked all the boxes. It was during this time that would drink on special occasions and have 1 puff of a joint on Sunday afternoons

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Chanel’s iconic Camellia, beloved by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself, symbolizes resilience and elegance. This timeless motif represents inner strength and grace amidst adversity. Like the flower’s ability to bloom despite challenges, individuals find inspiration in love, solace in loss, and courage in bravery.